Out of Print Titles

I’ve been able to reissue a few OOP titles (Timeless Wish, All or Nothing, Their Lover, Most Wanted, Christmas Rush)

Samurai Captive the erotic historical and Unfinished Business / Personal Business (two erotic menage tales also set in Japan (one historical, the other contemporary with a touch of paranormal) and the historical Bittersweet Surrender (first book in the Hillhouse family stories) are all awaiting covers or more specifically my having the funds to commission covers or find suitable premades.

I was able to get two covers for Risky Maneuvers which I co-wrote with Aleksandr Voinov, but I’m not sure now if either of them work should be used.
(Aleks took ownership of the GORGON books Clean Slate and First Blood and I’m not sure of his plans for those.)

Co-Written Out of Print:

With the exception of Their Lover which I wrote alone, the books co-written with Anne Cain Childs Prey J-rock series, the single titles Parallel Process and I Do as well as the popular Dragon’s Disciple/Blood Brothers series won’t be republished as of this post (08/07/2022)

This makes me very sad as I think the DD series would be a hit with Dark Romance fans.

(Sadly, Anne & I lost touch a few years back and never gotten around to drawing up an agreement for book/Character ownership if the publishers closed (they were the first e-pubs and were too legendary to fail, right???? T_T)

Anyway, I’ve never been able to get in touch with Anne thought I’ve tried online. I hope she’s well. We had the chance to meet in person and she and her family were lovely.

However, I do have the rights to the books that spun off from the Prequel section of Dark Whispers (#4 in the DD series) featuring Inspector Mikisaburo “Miki” Nabeshima (who has a cameo in Their Lover btw.)

Like the other books on my “To-Publish” list they need new covers which I’m unable to commission at this time. Hopefully I can find affordable pre-mades at some point.