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A Marriage  of “Inconvenience”

What Roberta “Bobbie” Richardson wants is a mechanic to help her take on more repair jobs to keep the family auto repair business alive. What she gets is incredibly sexy Justin Hastings, her first love, the man who unceremoniously dumped her over a decade ago.

Recently retired from the Marine Corps, Justin offers to retake his old mechanic’s job and also offers to help Roberta snare a lucrative repair contract with an old friend.
In return, he asks Bobbie to enter a marriage of convenience to help gain permanent custody of his motherless daughter who has been living with his wealthy, politically connected ex mother-in-law.

Marriage? To Bobbie that only conjures up images of a Been there, not doing that again t-shirt. Their prior history aside, Bobbie knows Justin would be a great dad.

All she has to do is make sure this business arrangement doesn’t take any personal turns.

(This is an updated version of a previously published novel)