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Most Wanted


ISBN: 9781611526905

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Boston born and bred Tim Dwyer doesn’t relish the thought of giving up Eastern comforts for life in the rough-and-tumble West. But when he finds himself with no job, little money, and no place else to go, he accepts a position at his cousin’s weekly newspaper in the Indian Territory. When his cousin and new editor cook up a roving reporter assignment, Tim learns that spending a mere week in the life of U.S. Deputy Marshal Jon Sauvage won’t ever be enough to satisfy his needs.

Choctaw lawman “Savage Jon” Sauvage has spent his entire adult life content with chasing wanted men and taking his pleasures wherever and however he can. But once he’s roped into letting a big city reporter tag along with him on a manhunt, Jon soon suspects that Tim Dwyer might just capture his heart. (This title was previously published and has been re-edited. This book is set in the same world as my Hillhouse Family series but can be read alone)

Christmas Rush cover


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Ellie Bouchard died while formulating a plan to see her only child Remy reunited with the one person he was too stubborn to acknowledge as “The One.”

Determined to see her plan through, Ellie will do whatever it takes from the afterlife — including heavenly blackmail and a few sneaky tricks — to reunite Remy with his childhood companion Michael Carson this holiday season. (This title was previously published and has been re-edited.)



Publisher:Ellora’s Cave
Genre: GLBT Multicultural Erotic
Length: Novella
ISBN: 978-1-41991-141
Accountant Randy Ohara has been alone and lonely since the death of his first and only lover. While in New York to attend his sister’s wedding he develops an instant and strong attraction to an unknown man at a Manhattan nightclub. The desire he feels is surprisingly intense, making Randy realize he’s never wanted another man with such passion before.

It’s even more of a surprise when Randy learns that the stranger he lusts for is none other than Jason Chen, the groom’s widowed father. Randy doesn’t dare make a move on the sexy older man, until the handsome detective reveals a few secrets of his own.

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Publisher: Loose-ID publisher’s page for this book
Genre: GLBT Multicultural Erotic Paranormal
Length: Novel
ISBN: 978-1-59632-551-7

Grad students Matt Gavin and Haku Nishikawa have a lot on their plate trying to get their paranormal activities research program taken seriously by university administrators. They’re also trying to figure out where their relationship is headed.

When funding for their program is put on the chopping block, they’re desperate to secure a grant and accept an offer from a famous documentary-maker and anthropologist. But Pearce Dannings is dealing with a few demons of his own — literally. He’s stolen a key to hell from a powerful devil god, Maaya, and the deity wants it back at any cost.

Haku finds himself marked as the man to help the god retrieve the missing key, and it’s clear Maaya has some other plans in mind for him. The sexual attraction between them is hard to resist, but if Haku doesn’t he’s going to lose everything in the process, including Matt.

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