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All or Nothing

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What Roberta “Bobbie” Richardson wants is a mechanic to help her take on more repair jobs to keep the family auto repair business alive. What she gets is incredibly sexy Justin Hastings, her first love, the man who unceremoniously dumped her over a decade ago.

Recently retired from the Marine Corps, Justin offers to retake his old mechanic’s job and also offers to help Roberta snare a lucrative repair contract with an old friend.
In return, he asks Bobbie to enter a marriage of convenience to help gain permanent custody of his motherless daughter who has been living with his wealthy, politically connected ex mother-in-law.

Marriage? To Bobbie that only conjures up images of a Been there, not doing that again t-shirt. Their prior history aside, Bobbie knows Justin would be a great dad.

All she has to do is make sure this business arrangement doesn’t take any personal turns.

* * *


Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Historical
Length: Novella
ISBN: 978-1-78184-120-4


Forced by injury to quit his job as a laborer at a sawmill, Daniel Burke journeys to a Colorado boom town to apply for the position of dressmaker. The moment he sets eyes on the brass plate affixed to the House of Delilah’s front door, Daniel curses his impulsive decision (and the circumstances which led to his skill at sewing women’s clothing).Before he can leave, he’s intercepted by a whirlwind of a maid who ushers him into the specialized brothel and into the office of the madam, Addy Monroe.

Addy came west on an orphan train at the tender age of fourteen and in her twenty four years in “the business” she has come to see men as nothing more than a means to an end, a way to provide for the women in her employ, and the daughter she sent away to boarding school. Dissatisfied for quite some time, Addy is shaken to the core and blames herself when one of her girls is injured by a wealthy customer, but she is unable to believe Daniel’s assertion that the business sense she acquired the hard way is her ticket to a new world.

What could a naive country boy possibly teach her about life?

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Publisher:Decadent Publishing (Western Escape Line)
Genre: Multicultural, Western Historical
Length: Novella (38,000 words)
ISBN: 9781613333389

Freewill Wyoming

Torn between two worlds, Cody Blackheart dreams of a place where whites and Indians can keep their cultures intact and separate, yet he knows it can never be. His only hope is to use the railroad to tie the area together and show they all can live in peace. As a leading citizen and landholder, Vivienne Medina has earned the town’s respect, but her past holds secrets, and she cannot deceive her neighbors forever. Sheriff John Avery desires Vivienne’s dark-eyed beauty, but her haughty nature symbolizes every prejudice he has ever faced, leaving him reluctant to cross that forbidden line no matter how tempting. And Kate LeMaster’s dreams of a better life for her son, but secrets and forbidden desire might destroy that hope before she can let down her guard and trust again.

Freewill Wyoming welcomes everyone who rolls into town, but for four lonely people, it offers a chance to face their dreams, deceptions and deepest desires.

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Under a Silver Moon 

Publisher: Loose-ID out of print
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel

Imai Shimizu is the lead singer for the Japanese rock sensation, ChildsPrey. Handsome, talented and never lacking in would-be lovers, the spoiled star hits an unexpected — and painful — stumbling block just before a major solo tour: he breaks his leg. Stuck in a cast at home, Imai doesn’t take to any of the nurses hired to help with his healthcare and none of them can stand his attitude either. When single mom and RN Kim Donovan accepts the job as Imai’s live-in care provider, the stubborn singer meets his match. In and out of the bedroom.

The L.A. native quickly adapts to the fast-paced, glam-filled music world of Tokyo, and Kim doesn’t put up with Imai’s attitude. She’s no star-struck fangirl or a vapid stick-figure supermodel, but a woman who can hold her own. Though Imai tests her patience at times, the real problem is controlling her own attraction to the sexy-as-sin younger rocker. Kim won’t have to hold out for long though. Not when Imai finds his attraction for her raging out of control too.

As if their careers and cultures don’t challenge them enough, an obsessive record label executive with a stalker-level crush wants Imai for herself, and she’ll stop at nothing to get him.

(While part of the ChildsPrey M/M series this book can be read alone)

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