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Danger brought handsome American Ken O’Neill into the lives of ChildsPrey drummer Kyoru Tanihara and his wife, actress Sasao Miyamoto. Once the need for a full time bodyguard ends Ken stays on as both an employee and friend.

After the men share a scripted kiss in a music video, the trio’s relationship takes an unusual turn. Old desires awaken within Kyoru, new fantasies in Sasao, and Ken is afraid his presence may jeopardize his friends’ marriage.

Reluctantly, Ken leaves the couple’s employ but when another frightening situation draws him back into their lives, Kyoru and Sasao will do all they can to hang on to their friend and convince him they’re good for each another in every way imaginable.

This book was originally published by Noble Romance in 2009, this is a revised edition

Their Lover: AMAZON


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Marriage of Inconvenience

What Roberta “Bobbie” Richardson wants is a mechanic to help her take on more repair jobs to keep the family auto repair business alive. What she gets is incredibly sexy Justin Hastings, her first love, the man who unceremoniously dumped her over a decade ago.

Recently retired from the Marine Corps, Justin offers to retake his old mechanic’s job and also offers to help Roberta snare a lucrative repair contract with an old friend.

In return, he asks Bobbie to enter a marriage of convenience to help gain permanent custody of his motherless daughter who has been living with his wealthy, politically connected ex mother-in-law.

Marriage? To Bobbie that only conjures up images of a Been there, not doing that again t-shirt. Their prior history aside, Bobbie knows Justin would be a great dad.

All she has to do is make sure this business arrangement doesn’t take any personal turns.



20th Anniversary Edition

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At the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1898, Sheriff Corby Hillhouse makes this heartfelt wish: “Please send me a woman my love won’t kill.”

Corby doesn’t realize it, but his wish is granted in the form of Laura Bennett who falls back in time. Like Corby, Laura harbors many regrets, but when she’s hired as nanny to Corby’s motherless daughter she finds the happiness she’d been searching for.

Before Laura can enjoy her new life she has to get past Corby’s suspicious nature, his spiteful ex-lover, and the man who wants both Corby and his daughter dead.





Revised Edition!

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September 25, 2018



Boston born and bred Tim Dwyer doesn’t relish the thought of giving up Eastern comforts for life in the rough-and-tumble West. But when he finds himself with no job, little money, and no place else to go, he accepts a position at his cousin’s weekly newspaper in the Indian Territory. When his cousin and new editor cook up a roving reporter assignment, Tim learns that spending a mere week in the life of U.S. Deputy Marshal Jon Sauvage won’t ever be enough to satisfy his needs.

Choctaw lawman Jon Sauvage has spent his entire adult life content with chasing wanted men and taking his pleasures wherever and however he can. But once he’s roped into letting a big city reporter tag along with him on a manhunt, Jon soon suspects that Tim Dwyer might just capture his heart. (This title was previously published and has been re-edited. This book is set in the same world as my Hillhouse Family series but can be read alone)

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